Hospedaje Independencia

by Moritz — on  , 


The tent was set up, often there was not much space. As we liked Hospedaje Independencia, we decided to stay a few days and wait for Moritz’ new credit card. What we did not knew in the beginning: 48h hours waiting time in the hostel turned out to be a two week stay. Beside the credit card we suddenly had to replace a mattress and do some other things.

Hence we got very used to hostel and staff, and to numerous guests. Many of them did not only stay a single time but returned at least once. The hostel is situated well to reach many different tours and excursions (hiking, flights in the antarctic, boat trips etc.). Hostel and “camp site” in the front yard were booked out every night. It was always interesting to watch how it got empty in the morning, only to fill up again in the evening. Afterwards, many prospective guests were sent away with “todo completo”. Poor travellers.

They missed out on probably one of the best hostels at all. Eduardo, the owner, had everything set up very comfortable. There was a kitchen, sofas, barbecue, space for tents, showers etc. And everything was incredible clean and tidy. In addition, guests got information and stories all the time. Although the kitchen had only six spots to sit (not much for about 35 guests), it was always possible to get along. Sometimes we occupied the kitchen with other travellers for a pizza party, or went outside for a night of burgers from the grill. All the time something was going on. After being there for two weeks, we realized that we barely left the property to go into town. It seems that we liked the place.

Eventually, the itching to cycle again came back, and we wanted to make a few kilometers before the holidays. For the last night, we moved inside the hostel, because only guests in beds could enjoy Eduardos great breakfast which we often saw but never enjoyed before. He served omelett, fruit salat, muesli, bread, marmelade, juice and coffee. And a small piece of cake. Eating nearly all of that, we started towards Puerto Natales. Immediately, we got greeted by cold, stormy rain and missed Eduardo and his kitchen a little bit. But sometimes you have to go on!